Competitive Financial Solutions


PWA Wealth Management is an independent advisory firm focused on providing customized, comprehensive financial solutions to our clients. Our independence allows us to provide unbiased recommendations and to treat each client to truly personalized service. Our independence frees us from forcing proprietary investment products into client portfolios. We build each client portfolio individually and do not have generic investment models or proprietary products which we are required to include in all client portfolios.

Long-Term Advisors

We forge relationships with our clients that carry them through their financial life cycle. Our client relationships often span more than 25 years. What begins with a singular relationship with a client often extends to children and grandchildren and frequently to extended family members. We understand that individuals with wealth face many financial decisions. We are a dependable partner in that decision making process. Our advisory team possesses extensive experience across the entire spectrum of financial issues. Our experience spans from the simple decision of funding a grandchild’s college education to the complicated issues involved in transferring a closely held business or medical practice.

Higher Standard

Each individual member of the PWA Wealth Management team must be a person of exceptional integrity and character. By building an organization that values these attributes, we create an environment that we believe fosters superior client service. We hold our advisors to the highest standard and we continuously focus on you.

Comprehensive Service

PWA Wealth Management provides comprehensive planning that coordinates and optimizes all aspects of our clients’ financial lives. We have sat with our clients at the most critical points in their lives. We have been there and will be there at the terminal moments when fear often clouds an individual’s decision making process. We have been there when a group of physicians sell their practice. We have been there when a business owner transitions the ownership to his/her children. We have been there when a client has just lost a spouse and we have been there when the surviving spouse comes to the end of their life. We are always there at our clients’ most important transition moments. We have coordinated the services of legal and accounting professionals to provide our clients, at those difficult moments in their lives, with the comfort of knowing that their greatest concerns have been resolved.   We do not talk about being there when you need us; we are there.

Fees You Can Understand

Our fees are fair, fully disclosed and assessed on a quarterly basis.  Please see the firm’s ADV brochure for full disclosure Click Here »

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