NetXInvestor — New Login Page & Instructions

To All PWA Clients with Online Account Access

Pershing has recently improved the online access process and verification credentials for clients. You may have already noticed that the sign in method to access your accounts has been slightly changed. If you have attempted to sign in, you have already experienced the new security measures. If you have not signed in recently, you should be aware of the changes.

All of your credentials (Financial Organization, USER ID, and Password) are now on one page.

Previously you would enter the Financial Organization and your USER ID. You would then enter your Password on a second page. In addition, the second page contained your Security Image and Phrase. This has been eliminated from the sign in process.

The revised sign in process began on September 1.

THE FIRST TIME YOU SIGN IN AFTER SEPTEMBER 1, you will be asked to add your email address. This additional security item is required so that you can be notified if someone has attempted to log into your account.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.

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