Our Financial Planning Process

Our financial planning process seeks to create a relationship with our clients and not merely a transaction. As a result we spend the time to truly understand your unique financial situation and then create a customized financial strategy to achieve your goals. This process includes the following:

  1. Ask Questions: Our consultants certainly ask questions regarding your personal situation and financial goals. However, we go beyond the basics to gain a deeper understanding of you and your wealth.  Your attitudes about investment risk, retirement lifestyles and the ultimate goals for your money will all shape our solutions for your situation.   You will also have questions. A critically important step in the process is finding the answers that satisfy you.
  1. Listen: The key to any good relationship is communication, and the key to good communication is listening. Our process is about you and so the majority of our time is best spent listening to you tell us about your unique situation and the issues you are facing.
  1. Create a Custom Financial Strategy: Once we have completed the interview process, we apply our extensive knowledge to create a customized financial strategy for you. This comprehensive strategy will coordinate all aspects of your financial situation and provide specific recommendations to accomplish your goals. We will present this financial plan to you and take all the time necessary to answer your questions.
  1. Implement the Financial Strategy: We will work with you to implement your financial plan efficiently and effectively.
  1. Monitor the Financial Strategy: As mentioned, the goal of our process is to form a relationship with our clients. This requires regular communication to monitor the progress toward your financial goals and to adjust the strategies when necessary. We will also continue to coordinate the actions of your other financial professionals, such as attorneys and accountants, to ensure all aspects of your financial situation are working together to accomplish your goals.
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