Financial Investments

PWA Wealth Management has access to the full spectrum of financial investments. Our approach is to keep things transparent and simple. Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds, Common Stocks, and Individual Bonds are the primary means used when building portfolios. In addition, equity and index options, futures, and alternative investments may be used in specific situations.

As an independent wealth management firm, we have access to the universe of investment products from which we select only those investments that appropriately meet our clients’ objectives. We select our investments based on a variety of criteria which include overall cost and performance. The objective is to keep costs low and performance high.

Mutual Funds

PWA Wealth Management screens the expansive universe of funds for low-cost funds with historical track records of strong performance. Our professionals engage fund managers regularly and we continuously monitor those funds that we are invested in for performance, allocation, and other changes. Each quarter we examine the funds’ activities to determine if it should be included in our fund offerings.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFS)

PWA Wealth Management believes that Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) offer a low cost and tax efficient means of building a portfolio. ETFs may be used as a core holding and are extremely useful as a diversification tool. An ETF is a bundle of securities (stocks or bonds) that provide broad market exposure. ETFs may be passively or actively managed and can be either highly focused or broadly diversified. Due to the breadth of offerings, these vehicles provide a direct means of targeting virtually any sector of the market within which we choose to gain exposure.

Common Stocks

Worldwide equity market performance simply represents the blended performance of all common stocks. To gain exposure to the best companies, we choose to own the individual common stocks. We focus on companies with strong balance sheets, good cash flows, consistent track records, and solid management. Economic activities, market valuations, dividend payments, current and future business trends and the legal environment are all considered when choosing individual companies.

Individual Bonds

When selecting individual bonds, liquidity, yield, ratings, maturity and taxability are all factors used in making purchase decisions. Our objective is to capture the highest yield at the lowest risk with the lowest tax consequence for our clients.

This material is not intended as an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any financial instrument or investment strategy.  This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for accounting, legal or tax advice.  Investments are subject to risk and loss of principal.  Past performance does not guarantee or imply future results. 

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